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SGT-67 SGT-55 SGT99
  • CAS NO.:7523122-67-2
  • Purity:99.5%
  • Appearance:Powder
  • Price:$50-1000/kg
  • Port:Hong Kong, China
  • Payment:TT, Western Union, MoneyGram, BTC
  • Delievery:UPS, TNT, EMS,FedEx

Products Details

Product name:  SGT-67     SGT-55      SGT99

CAS: 7523122-67-2

Formula: C20H28FN3O3
Molar mass: 377.46 g·mol−1
Purity : 99.9%
Appearance: Crystal, Powder 
Storage: Store (keep) in a cool and dry place 
Package: 10g; 100g; 1kg; 25kg 
Price: $50-1000/kg 
Port: Hong Kong, China 
Payment: TT, Western Union, MoneyGram, BTC 

Delivery: UPS, TNT, EMS

SGT-67 is a new research chemical in the family of synthetic cannabinoids. The IUPAC name for the chemical is 1-(5-Fluoropentyl)-N-(2-phenylpropan-2-yl)-1H-indole-3-carboxamide. The chemical formula is C23H27FN2O and the molecular mass is 366.02. SGT-67 often referred to as 5F-CUMYL-PICA.

One study conducted on SGT-67 characterized the metabolism as well as the clearance of the research chemical using rat and human liver microsomes along with hepatocytes, which were used to compare to urine sampling and in vivo rat plasma. The study also examined hypothermia. The incubation with the microsomes showed fast metabolic clearance however, in the metabolism in vivo took longer which allowed detection in the rat plasma. The research chemical did show hypothermic effects with 28 metabolites able to be identified.

Other research shows that SGT-67 is an agonist at the receptors known as cannabinoid. Being an analog of similar compound the difference noted was that an N-cumyl group replaced the N-adamantyl group. For laboratories that wish to conduct studies on SGT-67, it is important to purchase from a research chemical manufacturer that includes all data regarding how to safely handle the chemical as well as how to protect the shelf life of the chemical.

More research needs to be conducted in laboratories until data can be compiled to learn compound properties. Currently compound only intended for scientific and forensic research and is NOT for human consumption.

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